Most people are drawn to an intricately detailed painting because of the way an artist has taken passion, artistry, and inspiration, and rendered an image with such exacting precision that one cannot help but be in awe of such dedication.


     But not Rino Gonzalez's collectors.  They are drawn to his art because of the way their emotions are heightened by imagery which have been so skillfully rendered that the techniques and processes transcend themselves.  With his extraordinary eye for detail, sense of exquisite style and love of storytelling, fine artist, Rino Gonzalez, has amassed a great following.


     Only fifteen years old at the time, Rino Gonzalez, along with his family, emigrated to the United States from Manila, Philippines in 1978.  Like his father and mentor, Lex Gonzalez, Rino grew up in an artistic environment and knew at a very young age that he wanted to become an artist.  Under the latter's tutelage, the young Gonzalez learned the traditional method of painting and spent his early years perfecting his pencil drawing and composition before he actually commenced the use of oil colors.  As his father-mentor stressed, "A true artist must first learn how to draw proficiently.  Only then will the application of color come with ease and grace."


     It can be argued that his ancestry, being a third generation artist, played a huge part in his success; or that his award winning years spent honing his craft have elevated him to a level unreached and admired by many. But that doesn't begin to explain why this classical realist is at the top of his field.  The fine lace work, polished and textured surfaces, worn books and tattered pages, succulent fruit and fragrant roses all seem to come to life and touch your very being.  But those are not achieved from the talent and prowess of the artist.  They are made possible because of his heart.

     Romance, combined with his eye for detail, allows his work to tell a story with a true emotion that has entranced numerous admirers around the world.