"Narrow Passage"  Giclee on Canvas

Rino Gonzalez

"Narrow Passage" Giclee on Canvas

$ 600.00

"I've never been more in awe of a country's rich art history than that of Italy," says artist, Rino Gonzalez.  He found the extra ordinary artistry of the leather craftsmen, gold artisans, glass blowers of Florence, and the great architects/artists incomparable.  "Narrow Passage," painted in an odd size of 15x33, shows us, the viewers, what Rino's purpose was.  Here, he shows the genius of the great Italian architects/artists.  What depth and perspective!

*Prices shown are for unframed art.

  • LE: Limited Edition of 400 - 10x22
  • LE: Limited Edition of 300 - 15x33
  • AP: Artist Proof of 40 - 20x44
  • PP: Publisher's Proof of 10 - 20x44
  • Artist Enhanced
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Delivery: 6 weeks