"Bountiful Feast" Giclee on Canvas

Rino Gonzalez

"Bountiful Feast" Giclee on Canvas

$ 1,650.00

Throughout history, fruits have been a symbol of prosperity, peace and luxury.  In Greek mythology, they were food for the gods.  In the age of Kings and Queens, they were given as an offering to families of royal blood.  Today, they are still very much revered as nature's work of art and are a source of pure organic beauty.  Exuding pure luxury and refinement, once again, Rino Gonzalez, creates a feast for the eyes.

*Prices shown are for unframed art.

  • LE: Limited Edition of 100 - 24x30
  • LE: Limited Edition of 100 - 30x40
  • AP: Artist Proof of 20 - 30x40
  • PP: Publisher's proof of 10 - 30x40
  • Artist Enhanced
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Delivery: 6 weeks