"Twilight at Venice"  Giclee on Canvas

Rino Gonzalez

"Twilight at Venice" Giclee on Canvas

$ 800.00

Combined with his keen eye for composition and use of extraordinary light, the artist, captures a moment in a day that only a true artist can.  "Rino Gonzalez, is one of the very few artists, that can exude such visual and emotional realism through his brush.   As a collector, to be able to feel as if you were in that moment, by looking at his work, is simply astonishing!" a collector once noted.

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  • LE: Limited Edition of 500 - 12x20
  • LE: Limited Edition of 650 - 19x30
  • AP: Artist Proof of 20 - 24x40
  • PP: Publisher's Proof of 20 - 24x40
  • Artist Enhanced
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Delivery: 6 weeks