"White Roses in a Tiffany Vase"  Giclee on Canvas

Rino Gonzalez

"White Roses in a Tiffany Vase" Giclee on Canvas

$ 1,650.00

An exquisitely composed still life of roses, books, wine and shawl, "White Roses in a Tiffany Vase," clearly displays an image of great luxury and decadence.  From the marble tabletop, to the gold carvings below, the objects that the artist chose to place in this painting, were carefully thought out.  "Elegance and detail go hand in hand ... it was the perfect combination for this piece," Rino Gonzalez states.

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  • LE: Limited Edition of 150 - 24x30
  • LE: Limited Edition of 100 - 30x40 SOLD OUT
  • AP: Artist Proof of 20 - 30x40 SOLD OUT
  • PP: Publisher's Proof of 20 - 30x40
  • Artist Enhanced
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Delivery: 6 weeks